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sfSofia Fonseca obtained a BA in Archaeology (1997) at Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal, and a Masters’ Degree in Egyptology (2001) at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Spain. She was responsible for fieldwork (2001-2010) of the Apries Palace Archaeological project in Mit-Rahina (Memphis), Egypt, directed by Dr. Maria Helena Trindade Lopes at Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCSH/NOVA), Portugal. She was Assistant of the Director (2008-2010) assuming coordination, logistic and bureaucratic aspects related with the mission in Egypt.


Between 2004-2007, she was responsible for "Cultural Heritage" (archaeology, museology & intangible culture) within the Tichitt- Walata Project, a cultural cooperation between Fundació Món-3, Barcelona, and the UNESCO heritage towns of Tichitt and Walata in Mauritania. She is a team member of “Study of viticulture and oenology in Egyptian tombs” project (PTDC/HIS-ARQ/112562/2009) from FCSH/NOVA, Portugal, directed by Dr. Maria Rosa Guasch Jané, holds a Research grant in the project, and is developing her PhD on “Wine iconography in Ancient Egypt private tombs” co-directed by Dr. Josep Cervelló Autuori (UAB) and Dr. Maria Rosa Guasch Jané.

Most relevant publications (SF)


− Fonseca, S, Ibrahim, M., 2013, Estudio de la iconografía del vino en las tumbas privadas del antiguo Egipto : de la investigación en los archivos a la pesentación de los resultados en una web interactiva, in Actas JIA 2013 (accepted 2013) Barcelona, Universitat de Barcelona.

− Guasch-Jané, M.R., Fonseca, S., Ibrahim, M., 2012, “The ‘Irep en Kemet’ Project: documenting the corpus of wine in Ancient Egypt”, in Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference (Euromed 2012) on Cultural Heritage and Digital Libraries, Amathus (Cyprus), October 29th- November 3rd 2012, International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Area 1, 1 (2012): 181-186. Cyprus University of Technology, Unesco and EU: Essex (UK) and Cyprus. View online 

− Fonseca, S., Guasch-Jané M.R., Ibrahim, M., (2012), “O vinho no Antigo Egito: uma história mediterrânea”, Revista Mundo Antigo, Ano I, Volume I, Número I: 131- 146.

− Fonseca, S, Ibrahim, M., 2012. Documentation of viticulture and winemaking in the Egyptian tombs, in Actas JIA 2011, 1: 17-22. Faro, Universidade do Algarve. −Trindade Lopes, H., Fonseca, S., 2012. O Palácio de Apriés, Mênfis/ Kôm Tumân, Actas IV Congresso Ibérico de Egiptologia, Lisboa (Portugal), Sept 13-17 2012: 555-65.

- Trindade Lopes, H., Fonseca, S., (2011). “The Apries Palace, Memphis/ Kôm Tumân: The first Portuguese Mission in Egypt”, JARCE 47 (2011): 247-58.

− Gil, E., Fonseca, S., Ould Abdi, M., 2008. “Le cas du Projet Walata. La protection du patrimoine dans le cadre d’un programme de coopération pour le développement”, in Actas del Colloque International Les perspectives de l’Archéologie Préventive en Afrique de l’Ouest, Nouakchott (Mauritanie), 1-3 fev 2007.

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