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20 November 2018

ENOAULA Barcelona, 13th November 2018

Eno AulaIn the EnoAula seminar on the 13th of NOVEMBER 2018, Maria Rosa Guasch Jané presented the lecture “La cultura del vino en el antiguo Egipto: Estudio multidisciplinar” at NH Gran Hotel Calderón in Barcelona (Catalonia) and directed by the Sommelier Xavier Nolla. At the end, Joan Gómez Pallarès offered a unique taste of five extraordinary wines: Villalobos Carignan Silvestre 2013, Julián Ruiz Villanueva De Sol a Sol Tinto Velasco 2013, Cacique Maravilla Moscatel de Alejandría 2015 from Chile, Pheasant’s Tears Chinuri with skin 2013 from Georgia, Esmeralda García Vayuste 2017 from a 300-year-old vineyard, and Champagne Tarlant La Vigne d’Antan 2002.

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