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RESEARCH PROJECT ‘Ancient Egypt’s Wine Rebirth’ EGYWINE (2016-2018)

EGYWINE investigates the wine jars to know how they were made to contain wine and the wine inscriptions to know the ancient winemaking procedures.

Since the Predynastic Period (4000-3100 BC), wine jars were placed in the Egyptian tombs as funerary offerings for the deceased. During the New Kingdom Period (1539-1075 BC), wine amphorae were inscribed in hieratic to indicate: vintage year, name of the product, quality, provenance, property and name and title of the winemaker.

The material linked with wine from the Predynastic Period (3800-3300 BC) to the New Kingdom Period (1550-1069 BC) is identified and the main concentration of the Ancient Egyptian wine jars and wine inscriptions is being studied. The Ancient Egyptian wine jars database will be created, with a total of about 300 objects.

Relevant items for each record include: chronology (Early Dynastic, New Kingdom, etc.), typology, provenance (Abydos, Saqqara, Thebes, Tell el-Amarna, etc.) and current location (Cairo museum, Louvre museum, British museum, Ashmolean museum, etc.).

PRO Acces

Scenes Database

The database of the viticulture and winemaking scenes in the ancient Egyptian private tombs.

Scene BD

Bibliographic Database

The database of the bibliography about the viticulture and winemaking in ancient Egypt.

Bibliographic DB

Photographic Mision

The photographic mission to document the viticulture and winemaking scenes in the Egyptian private tombs.

Photo Mision

Virtual Expo

The ancient Egyptian viticulture and winemaking scenes exhibition.

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